Thursday, March 26, 2009

Creative Problem Solving

So Little Man has one of those shape-sorter block sets. It's the Fisher Price one where the holes are in the lid that comes off and the blocks go in the bucket. Today we were playing with it, and he usually can get the shapes in the holes after I point out which one it goes in - sometimes with a bit of help to maneuver it, but often on his own. (By the way, I'm not one of those crazy parents who sits down and makes my son practice this - he genuinely likes it and usually starts playing with it on his own or brings the bucket or lid over to me). Anyway, today when we were playing he had one block that he just couldn't get in. When he couldn't get it in, he kept trying different holes even though I kept pointing out the right hole to him. And eventually I tried to help him position his hand at the right angle, but he was holding the block oddly in his hand, and it just couldn't get situated right. I could tell he was getting frustrated because he kept pushing harder and harder, as if that would make it go in.... Eventually, he grabbed the lid, ripped it off, and threw the block in the bucket, and then looked up at me with a look that said "There, that's how I'm doing it".


  1. That is too funny!

  2. This is pretty funny. I think your little one will be quite strong willed.