Wednesday, April 15, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking...

Little Man took his first real steps today!!! He's taken a few steps before here and there, but only when he's been caught off guard, or if he's playing and hadn't noticed he was doing it. Until now, anytime you tried to get him to walk he just laughed and sat down or dived toward you. He wouldn't even really stand on his own if he realized you'd let go of him, although he stands lots while he's playing and doesn't notice.

Anyway, this morning Big Man's cousin was here babysitting while I worked. I came in and sat down on the floor with Little Man (*** holy cow - while I was typing this I just looked over and he was walking across the floor like it was nothing - probably walked about 12 steps in total there!!). He was using me to pull himself up, but then letting go, which he's never done before. So I started trying to get him to walk, and at first he was doing his usually thing - giggling and sitting down or falling toward me. Then it was just like all of a sudden he decided "OK, I'm 1 now, enough is enough, I better start walking"... and started trying over and over again. At first he'd only get about 1/2 step as he fell towards me, but as soon as he fell he'd grab my hands, stand back up, let go, and try again. (*** Double Holy Cow! - he just stood himself up without holding onto anything and walked 24 steps!!). So before too long he was cosistently doing 2-3 steps. Then we got a video of him and by the end of that he was doing 4 steps. After the video he did 5 or 6 steps. And then I was getting his lunch ready and had his highchair out, and he pulled himself up on his highchair, got himself turned around and balanced, and walked 7 or 8 steps! And then as you can see in my live comments above, he's walking like crazy now! I thought he'd get going quickly once he got started because he seemed capable of walking for a while now, he just wouldn't try... but I didn't think it would be *this* quickly!! I'm so proud of him, and he's so proud of himself haha.