Friday, April 3, 2009

Update + Free Croc Giveaway

I am alive - just bogged down with a work deadline. Will post the details once it's done, but the gist is I offered to work 1-2 days a week from home for an organization I've worked for before - got stuck working on this project for which they had completely unrealistic expectaions regarding the timeline... but once it's done this weekend I should have enough money to get through until I start getting paid for the summer course I'm teaching, so next week I can get down to business on my own stuff. I want to post more soon on my work/school situation and goals (need to make myself accountable!!) and also planning a post about regret that lived spaces got me thinking about.

In the meantime I'll leave you with a link to a great new blog I discovered - simplemom. I have a bit of an organizational fetish (seriously... I get a little flushed looking at ikea catalogues), so this blog is right up my ally. I can't wait to try her plan for mealplanning for a month this weekend - I'll keep you updated on how it works out! I get totally overwhelmed when I try to mealplan, so I think the idea of theme days is going to work well for me! So right now simplemom is having a contest to give away free Crocs, and I totally want some! When we moved to the house we're in now at the beginning of December, I started wearing my slippers a lot again because it's an older house and the floors are always really cold. That worked well for a while, until I had to put them in the wash and they died. Whey did I have to put them in the wash? For those of you who have boys,  you know how when you find out that's what you're having people always make comments about getting peed on? Well that almost never happens to us... I honeslty could probably count on my hands the number of times Little Man has peed with his diaper off, and most of those we managed to catch with either the old diaper still under him or the new one going on... and a couple of times he peed standing up in the tub. The other few times it was when we were changing him in the crib and it just went on his sheets. Except one time not long ago (probably January?) when my Mom was changing him on our couch... he's bad for squirming and crawling away now when you're changing him... and she let him take off with no diaper on because god forbid he cry for a couple of seconds while you're wrangling him into a new diaper. I came and sat down to try to get him laying back down to put a diaper on him, and he promptly peed all over the couch - it dripped down between the cushions and poured out the front of the couch all over one of my slippers. I'm sure it was the hugest pee he's ever had! So anyway, I need a pair of Crocs to wear around the house to replace my slippers!

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