Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So it's pretty windy out here today. It's also garbage day and they are late picking up the garbage for some reason. I guess a bag of garabage blew from my neighbour's across the street pile and landed in the pile of my next door neighbour. They never have more than a bag or two of garbage, and there is a 4 bag limit here, so it's no big deal. Plus they aren't particularly strict about the bag limit here anyway, not like there were when we lived in bigger cities. Yet, I just watched her go outside, pick up said bag of garabage, and return it to the pile across the street.


  1. LOL - we were talking about the weird things people do the other night at supper with some friends. Our one friend ranted about his neighbors and garbage.

  2. Cheers fellow Nova Scotian! (although I'm living in Kansas now). Saw Canuk over at the Simple Mom Book Club & had to take a peak at your blog. Enjoy the reading :)